Problem installing auto_complete plugin in Rails 2.2.2


Hello world,

First of all, let me say “i am sorry” to those receiving my post for 2nd
time in RubyOnRails-Talk @ Google G., I hope this forum
[] had a switch to turn that “feature” off at will.

I am considering myself to be a newbie in Ruby, but not programming in
general and i have a big problem trying to get Rails 2.2.2 to
install the auto_complete plugin in Windows XP. Even if i copy the files
myself, I get the “auto_complete_for method not found” error in ruby.

After 2 days of full-internet-search I have tried the following:

  • Using the “ruby script/plugin install auto_complete” command :
    results in “not found” (even after adding every single repository
    under discovery)

  • Trying to load the SVN URL posted in oh-so-many forums, in the “ruby
    on rails” official site, I get a “page not found” error

  • Trying to manually copy the files in the vendor/plugin directory of
    my project (got them from the model_auto_completer example), but still
    does not work… (if i execute “script/plugin list” there is nothing)

Regarding this last part, i have been trying to find documentation
about how to manually install a plugin, but with no results. In every
forum that someone asks “how to do it manually” people respond with
“script/plugin install”. This is automatic, not manually, as i am sure
most of you know. What i am searching for is instructions on: where to
place the files myself and what to execute myself so that my project
will ‘use’ the plugin.

I will be thankful for any help you might offer, no matter how small,
but PLEASE don’t repeat to me steps i have already taken with no
differentation what-so-ever. This is both pointless and insulting.

Yours sincerely,
a frustrated RoR programmer
Spiros K