Problem inserting parameters in link_to_remote

I want a page that lets users add members to a group
from a longer list, or remove members from that group.
I can use Ajax to transfer a name from the long list
to the group, or drop an existing name from the group.


If I add a person to the group, and try to remove
without refresh, it doesn’t work. My link is formed
by <%= link_to_remote ‘add’, :url => { :action =>
“remove_member”, :id =>, :group_id =>"} %> For a member who’s in the group when I
reach the page, that generates a call to
as it should. But if I add a member ‘foo’ to the
group and then try to remove the same person, the call
is controller/remove_member/

I’ve been able to hack around it by setting :id =>
“#{}.{}” in the link_to_remote, but
there’s got to be a better way.

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What you really want to do is read and apply the ideas in this post: (straight from the
source). Then read: Your exact
scenario is shown on page 21. RESTful rocks!

Hope this helps,