Problem inserting chipscope in fpga code


I want to check some signal on USRP2 board. I inserted chipscope (ICON
and ILA core) to u2_rev3.v. At map stage, I received the error. Below is
the error message.

ERROR: Pack:2310 - Too many comps of type “BUFGMUX” found to fit this
device. (now design is using 9 out of 8 available).
Can anyone suggest how can I reduce the usage of BUFMUX somehow? Thank


On 05/01/12 11:04 PM, Phone Naing MYINT wrote:

Could you not cross-post this stuff to the discuss-gnuradio mailing

Gnu Radio uses the standard, as-manufactured FPGA images, via UHD and
gr-uhd, and 99% of the users of
this list have no interest in modifying the FPGA code, nor can provide
much assistance in the modification of
that code, so posts on that topic here in this list just add noise.