Problem in uhd_fft

I am using a basic tx and basic rx daughterboard for transmission
reception. The spec says basic tx and basic rx run from 0 to 250 MHz.
when i run transmitter and check the uhd_fft at receiver, after 32 Mhz,
there is no signal. If i set the transmitter frequency in my flowgraph
33 MHz, I don’t get a signal at 33 Mhz, But when i enter frequency as
-31Mhz in the uhd_fft i get a received signal on my fft. why does this
happen? If it’s in the range of daughter board it should be receiving it
that particular frequency right.

On 06/27/2013 09:44 AM, Karan T. wrote:

Can you tell me more about the cabling setup? Which ports of the Basic
TX and RX are you using, and how are they connected via SMA cable?