Problem in Installing gnuradio-3.2_Please help


Hi , I am facing
a problem in installing gnuradio-3.2. I was able to install
gnuradio-3.1.3 properly but when I tried to install this newer version
on the top of the older version, maximum of the packages are not
getting configured including gnuradio-core and usrp.

When I
started installing this newer version I faced the same problem with the
major packages, then one of my friend suggested to add the library path
for some missing packages (mainly gsl-which was already installed on my
system but the configure script was not able to detect it) and then by
doing that I was able to get maximum of them configured and then I did
the usual make, make check and make install. After that when I tried to
run grc I got the following error :

Traceback (most recent call last):
 File “/usr/local/bin/grc”, line 25, in
   from gnuradio.grc.platforms.base.Constants import VERSION
ImportError: No module named grc.platforms.base.Constants
[root@Somya gnuradio]#

 I also tried by setting the path for Python, but was not
able to get it over. but I was able to run any other python example
namely the audio_tone one.Then I again tried to configure the newer
version without adding any library path but faced the same problem with
the packages.Â

am attaching the log ./configure file for the reference (open it with
word pad). I am a newbie to Linux and to gnuradio. I would really
appreciate if anybody can help me regarding this matter.

Thanks & Regards,
Somya A.

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