Problem in inserting data to new column

Im facing a strange problem. I have a user table with some fields out
there. Rite now I want to add new columns in the database, I did it with
script/generation migration AddUserField

All things are working fine. I then did rake db:migrate and checked out
that new columns are added in the database table.But when I want to
insert data in the newly created tables, the values are not getting
passed. Can anybody give some idea why is it happening ?
I checked out in my controller class whether the datas for the new
columns are getting passed to the controller with puts. But the outputs
are nil for the new columns.


It’s hard to say off hand without seeing the code - maybe you could
post your view and controller code on Pastie and give us links? It
sounds like the data is not making it from the view to the controller.

On May 9, 11:02 am, Saurav C. <rails-mailing-l…@andreas-

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