Problem in Attachement_fu... help

Hello, i’m using the very popular attachment_fu plugin, almost
everything is awesome.
But I spend all day to make attachment_fu update a existing file with
no success.

I’m doing simple upload where my model product has_one
product_image(another model), in this product_image i call
has_attachment and everything works fine for new products. But when i
try update a product record and his image i get the error: undefined
method `uploaded_data=’ for #Product:0x679c664 , i thinking
update_attributes doesn’t work in attachment_fu when use associations.

Someone can help?

My code here:

class Product < ActiveRecord::Base
has_one :product_image, :dependent => :destroy
validates_presence_of :name, :category

def uploaded_picture=(picture) # used for create new product_image
associated with product
self.product_image =
self.product_image.uploaded_data = picture

class ProductImage < ActiveRecord::Base
has_attachment :content_type => :image,
:storage => :file_system,
:max_size => 500.kilobytes,
:resize_to => ‘640x480>’,
:processor => ‘MiniMagick’,
:thumbnails => { :thumb => ‘50x50>’ },
:path_prefix => “public/images/upload/products”


belongs_to :product


My controller is default generated by scaffold.
My views are multipart and in new.html.erb i had:
<%= file_field :uploaded_picture %>

, and in edit.html.erb i had:
<%= file_field :uploaded_data %>

Some can help??? Thanks.

I read some posts about problems with attachment_fu and i think this
can be a bug.
Someone i have maded this operation using has_one association betewen

Change uploaded_photo to uploaded_data and see if that makes a

I can’t do this, because my new.html.erb is a view for product model
and not for product_image, this is the reason for uploaded_picture=
And the problem not is when call new but update and uploaded_picture
is used only in new.

I think the reason is because updated_data is a method for
product_image class, but even i use <%= f.file_field :uploaded_picture
%>(field for my virtual atribute uploaded_picture) in my edit view i
got errors, but this error:

undefined method `content_type’ for “Fotos-132.jpg”:String

Why can’t find content_type inside attachement_fu?

Some one can help? How can i update existing attachment when this file
is stored in diferent table and associated with other table?
I bought Advanced Rails recipes but the chapter about upload had the
same problem.

undefined method `content_type’ for “Fotos-132.jpg”:String

Your form isn’t a multipart form.

Ryan B.

Feel free to add me to MSN and/or GTalk as this email.

Putz… o my god… shame. thanks for help Ryan.

do you find it working with rails 2 ?

Yes, working with rails 2.0.2

I’ve just installed this plugin and I have problem with using with
amazon s3.
Urls are created in that way
instead of :

I can fix it manually in this place but I’m not sure if it will work
properly at all.