Problem generating scaffold using modules

I am trying to create an Admin module that has multiple controllers. For
each of the controllers, I would like to use scaffolding to generate the
initial models, views, and controllers.

I created the admin controller using “generate controller Admin index”.

This created app/controllers/admin_controller.rb and

When I point my browser to localhost/admin, this page loads without a

Next, I generated a scaffold like this “generate scaffold Season

This created app/controllers/admin/season_controller.rb, and also
created the edit, list, new, and show pages in app/views/admin/season.

When I browse to localhost/admin/season, I get a page saying “No action
responded to season”.

Is this looking at the admin controller instead of the season
controller? How do I get to the season controller? Is this the proper
way to generate multiple scaffolds for use in a module?