Problem during the friendship model

Hi all,

In my project I have to build a friendship model. So I followed as in
the RailsSpace Book. I have used Salted_hash_login generator as a
login authentication. Now after I build the friendship model, I have
got a problem .
It occurs following type of error …Plz let me know why this is

ActionView::ActionViewError in FriendshipController#create

Due to changes in ActionMailer, you need to provide the mailer_name
along with the template name.

render “user_mailer/signup”
render :file => “user_mailer/signup”

If you are rendering a subtemplate, you must now use controller-like
partial syntax:

render :partial => ‘signup’ # no mailer_name necessary

Even thought this error comes the tuple get inserted into the
friendship table and friendship get created in my localhost…