Problem creating custom pages


in order to set up new page types i followed this tutorial

“product” is the new extension, “ProductPage” the new page type

Everything worked well except the form creation with this partial in

  • if @page.is_a?(ProductPage)
    • [‘product_name’, ‘player_license’, ‘product_url’].each do |field|
      = render :partial => “meta_row”,:locals => {:f => self}, :object
      => {:field => field, :type => “text_field”, :args => [{:class =>
      ‘textbox’, :maxlength => 100}]}

The fields are properly displayed, but in the page source it looks like

Product url
  <td class='field'>
   <input id="product_url_classtextboxmaxlength100"

name=“product_url[classtextboxmaxlength100]” size=“30” type=“text” />

instead of page[product_url] …
So nothing is saved.

I suspect the problem ist the :locals => {:f => self} but what is the

Many thanks