Problem converting old GRC flowgraph


Is there some separate program to convert old-style GRC
flographs (ie - grc_0.69) to the new-style ones required by
the GRC included with GnuRadio 3.2.2? I tried to simply
use GRC to open the older flowgraph (which worked fine on
grc 0.69 and gnuradio 3.1.3) directly, but got hundreds of
error messages which started off with

…:2:0:ERROR:VALID:DTD_CONTENT_MODEL: Element flowgraph does not follow
the DTD, …

@(^.^)@ Ed

You missed the window of opportunity. There was such code, it existed
for about a year in the svn trunk.

You need to checkout the svn trunk from about a year ago, and use that
grc/gnuradio to open the files (this will convert them). Now you can use
those converted files with the grc in the git master or 3.2