Problem building next branch

I’m trying to build gnuradio with uhd on my system with Ubuntu 10.4.
When building master branch everything seems ok, but I have some
problems building the next branch of gnuradio. In gr-msdd6000/src/ there
is an error where the compiler complains on “./python/ No such
file or directory”.

I tested to revert to the latest revision that passed the build-test at
hudson (31bbbec88b19230eb37b197d7623c3671e57837e) but then I got a
version mismatch with the latest uhd master branch.

I also tried to go back 1,2,…,5 commits of the next branch of the
gnuradio code, but I got the same problem and didn’t go any further on
this reverse path. Instead I tried to fix the problem and replaced
“python/msdd” with “python/msdd_rs” (which exist) in the
Makefile.swig.gen file. This seemed to fix this problem, but only gave
me another one in gr-atsc/src which wasn’t that quick-fixable.

Have anyone else had any problems building the next branch with uhd? (I
have myself built this branch successfully several times before, but
doesn’t seem to have any luck on the latest revisions.)

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On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 7:02 AM, Ulrika U. [email protected]

Have you tried doing a “make distclean” and then restarting the build
(./bootstrap && ./configure && make)?

Also look at the “Dealing with old build problems” here:


Doh! :slight_smile:

I didn’t think I had an old build on that location, but I did. It was
stupid of me not to try the standard solutions before, but “make
distclean” did the trick and everything works fine now. Thanks a lot for
the quick reply!

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