Pro bono rails help for my non-profit


My name is Neeraj Kapoor and I’m writing on behalf of the Learn To Be
Foundation, a 501©3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing
one-on-one, online tutoring to K-8 students in underserved schools and
communities. Through the use of a real-time virtual whiteboard with
and webcam conferencing abilities, Learn To Be provides academic support
students struggling in math, science, and language arts. Over the past
three years, Learn To Be has recruited over 600 volunteer tutors, and
enabled them to teach over 20,000 sessions for over 11,000 hours of
instruction to our students.

We just launched a new site that was so graciously put together by some
friends who volunteered some time. However, we are still in need of
help in implementing some features. I’ve begun learning rails, but
knowledge is about 5 months deep and any support that could be lent
be so awesome. We’re on a mission to provide high quality,
attention to kids in need and I think we’re on the right track.

If there is anyone who may be interested in helping out, please let me
know. We are an LA based organization (although location doesn’t
but if any interested people are in the LA area, I’d love to meet and
discuss more about what we do and where we’re headed.

Thanks so much!


what’s your contact?

Hey Jay!

So sorry for the delay in responding. I thought I would get an email. My
email is [email protected] if you’re still available.

I’d love to talk more. Thanks so much.