Private method capabilities error

I’m new to Ruby and in process of doing an POC with Appium, Cucumber,
Selenium with iOS app. Installed all the latest version and while
executing getting the error as follows. Please share your thoughts.

Scenario: Check euro rate # features/plain_note.feature:6
Given I have App running with appium #
When click on value box #
private method capabilities' called for #<Hash:0x007ffb7b8df468> (NoMethodError) ./features/support/env.rb:24:inselenium’
./features/step_definitions/plain_note.rb:6:in /^click on value box$/' features/plain_note.feature:8:inWhen click on value box’
And I click on 5 and delete #
Then I should see currency removed #

Failing Scenarios:
cucumber features/plain_note.feature:6 # Scenario: Check euro rate