Printing from a file - beginner

hi there

im new to ruby and ive got a bit of a problem

basically i have a text file and i want my ruby class to perform a
regular expression to count the lines with a Tag in the text file

if anyone could offer any help or psuedo code id be very appreciative

my code is below
many thanks

text file:

Tag: ref1
Type: Book
Author: Little, S R

Tag: ref2
Type: Journal
Author: Smith, J

ruby code:

require ‘getoptlong’

opts =
[’–style’, ‘-n’, GetoptLong::NO_ARGUMENT ],
[’–database’, ‘-i’, GetoptLong::REQUIRED_ARGUMENT]
opts.each do |opt, arg|
case opt
when ‘–style’
require arg
when ‘–database’

process options'reference.txt').each do |line|

puts line

On Tue, 4 Dec 2007 06:51:49 -0500
Johnathan S. [email protected] wrote:

hi there

im new to ruby and ive got a bit of a problem

new to this myself so take that into consideration :wink:

  when '--database'


process options

count = 0 (not sure I need that?)'reference.txt').each do |line|

puts line

count += 1 if line =~ /^Tag:\s/
(not sure if I need to escape the ‘:’ ie ‘:’)



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