Prices and discounts

I’m trying to solve a problem for a client.

It’s a language school.

They have, courses so I have a Courses model and table.

Each course has a name and a description and a price_per_week field (a
base price if you like).All is fine, or should I say, was fine.The
client now wants to charge different prices depending on the length of
the students course.


1-2 weeks - price_per_week * 1.0
3-4 weeks - price_per_week * 0.9
5-6 weeks - price_per_week * 0.8
7-8 weeks - price_per_week * 0.7
8 weeks+ - price_per_week * 0.6

My plan is to do the following,

Introduce a Discounts model.

Something like

:period (integer)
:name (string)
:discount (integer)

I’ll fill it with the five time periods above.

I presume I need in my Courses model

has_many :discounts

and in Discounts

belongs_to :course

If my plans basically correct, can someone give me an example of how I
would then render a table of prices by period in a view. I’m thinking of
using a partial for this if possible so I can put price tables up for a
particular course where I need them?

anybody shed any light on this one? Is my approach sound?

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