Presentations on USRP and GNU Radio

Hello Everyone,

This is an odd request. Something unethical to be frank. Nevertheless, I
ask it.

I have to give a presentation on USRPs and GNU Radio in a talk in our
department this weekend. To most of the listeners it will be an
introduction to both GNU Radio and USRP.

My intend is to make it in a such a way that everyone appreciates GNU
and USRP for what it is. I’m not sure if I make it from scratch, this
intend will be fulfilled. So if anyone knows some good introductory
presentation from which I can steel, that will help me a lot.

Thanks everyone.

Not unethical, actually. You’re avoiding to reinvent the wheel. Welcome
to open source.

Have you taken a look at
? That easily becomes “What’s GR in four (or less) slides”. Skip all the
advanced stuff after “so what does GR do?”.

To incorporate the USRP into your presentation, I would most probably
use the following logic structure:

  • What is Software Radio?
  • Use Flowgraphs, they’re handy!
  • GNU Radio is the tool of choice
  • Now we can process “theoretical” samples. Nah. We wont real world
    signals and we want them now!
  • Here’s the USRP. It does all the “ugly” analog stuff. you get the
    samples - you get the power.

Hope this is useful as some kind of inspiration,

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