Preload a signal onto USRP

Hello All,
I have a bit of a strange question. Is it possible to somehow preload a
signal (it would be periodic) onto a USRP so that I would only have to
a signal saying “begin transmit”, and it would do so, without sending
anything besides the “begin transmit” message over the Ethernet cable?
been searching around and I haven’t found anyone who wanted to do
like this.


You can preload the signal to a file. Thereafter, just use the flow
File source (repeat) → USRP.



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It was for use in a multi-usrp configuration, but actually no longer
necessary. Thank you both!

If you really needed to use a USRP as a standalone signal generator you
could probably encode the signal into a hardware block on the FPGA,
depending on how much in the way of resources are left unused. It would
much more work than the file source method mentioned earlier. Why do you
want it preloaded? Low latency?

-R C