Pre-baked forum code

Does anyone know some pre-baked code for making a forum. I know forums
aren’t terribly difficult to do in RoR but if there’s something
already out there it would be a nice time saver. I’ve done some
googling for it but it’s hard to find since the searches come up with
actual forum references.

Seems like you didn’t do your search well enough :wink:

Savage Beast:
El Dorado:

Thiago J.

Thanks for digging that up Thiago. Was also thinking I may get some
recommendations by those who have used them. I’ll start implementing
now and see for myself.

Maddy -

On 16-May-08, at 12:35 PM, MaddyTheGoose wrote:

actual forum references.

savage_beast has a sample app that can help out.

Savage Beast:

savage_beast hasn’t been ported to rails 2 - but someone in the
comments has ported it.

I’ll be integrating it into soon, so will port then.

this post may help out.


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