Prawn-gallery now on Github

Hey folks,

I’m happy to say that we’re already getting a ton of positive feedback
from Prawn’s[0] first release. People are already contributing bug
reports, new features, and other cool stuff. To help make this even
easier, I’ve created a github repository we can use to share our
beautiful PDFs with each other:

GitHub - practicingruby/prawn-gallery: A collection of sample programs for the Prawn PDF generation library

While the main purpose of the examples distributed with Prawn are to
show how to use its features, the purpose of prawn-gallery is to show
off what you can do with those features. If you’ve done something
cool, fork it and add your example. It will be fun to see how these
examples evolve over time, as new features are added and new ideas
emerge. This will also help me find the ugly spots of the library, so
feel free to submit an example to display what a pain it was to build
some simple PDF, too.

I hope people will make use of this resource. Right now, it has a
single example in it, which is a trivial invoice generator, but I’m
waiting for people with a better visual aesthetic sense than me to
show Prawn’s true potential. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing what people come up with!