Prawn 0.7

[This announcement is about Prawn, a totally sweet pure ruby PDF
generation library]

Prawn 0.7 is now ready for public consumption. The sea is currently
turbulent as we attempt to set a course for 1.0, but those who are
brave will find a number of nice improvements.

!!! Be absolutely sure to read the release notes carefully, there is
a lot there !!!

Git Tags are:

But you can of course just “gem install prawn” as well and it’ll do
the appropriate gem locking to get you the right versions of

I tried to note all the people who contributed to this release in the
CHANGELOG, but let me just say thanks again for all your hard work.
Prawn has an awesome contributor base, and that makes the project a
whole lot more fun for me.

Enjoy! And keep those patches, bug reports, and questions coming.

If you have questions, just contact us via our Google group: