Practicing Ruby's second volume now freely available

Hi folks,

In keeping with my promise to gradually release all my professional
writing work for free to the Ruby community, I have made a total of 15
articles from Practicing Ruby volume 2 publicly available:

For the last several months, the Practicing Ruby journal has been the
way I have paid my bills so that I can continue to spend most of my time
on Mendicant University, my free online school for Ruby programmers.

If you’d like to support both my work on Mendicant University, and my
continued writing work, please become a subscriber at

Or, if you just find something interesting in the articles I’ve linked
in this post, I’d be happy to discuss them with you either here on this
list, or over IRC in the #mendicant channel on Freenode.


PS: Anyone who would like to be a Practicing Ruby subscriber but cannot
pay the full $8/month fee for any reason can email me for a free