Povray and opengl install and use?

I would like to manipulate a 3D skeleton. On the opengl list, it was
suggested povray would be easier to learn, and perhaps more powerful
than opengl.

I did find rupov There are recent books on opengl, but I don’t find any
book on pov-ray and I don’t see any example of the use of pov-ray with
ruby. I did not find a library of opengl commands either. How do people
figure out how to use pov-ray or opengl for ruby?

I have installed opengl for ruby opengl-0.32g, and the examples compile
fine in that directory, but
not in other directories? What could have gone wrong in the install of
opengl for ruby?

I used a modified extconf as per instructions elsewhere
$ ruby extconf.rb
$ make

Test it out works, as well as all other examples in the sample
$ ruby sample/robot.rb

Install it:
$ sudo make install

I did not try to install rupov, I don’t know if it works on Tiger or
what to do to install it.

Clive Crous on rupov:

rupov is still a baby, meaning, i only started work on it very recently
and it’s never had any releases. anything that is currently online (
http://www.darkarts.co.za/projects/rupov ) can be considered unstable
the api or even the design may be scrapped at any minute if i think it
be done better another way.

Povray is very easy, I would also recommend you have a look at it. If
use a unix operating system (or a unix clone like linux etc) then look
“kpovmodeller” it’s great :wink:

rupov will be designed as an interface to povray, which is a raytracing
engine. rupov will be usefull for creating rendered scenes that are
non-interactive. For example I am using it to generate povray scenes
tiles in an isometric game I am making. rupov generates the graphics
‘compile time’ which are then just drawn ingame.

Clive Crous on opengl

If you want to learn graphic programming, in the sense that you would
to create interactive scenes that respond to user interaction, then
is the way to go, and for ruby I reccommend ‘rubygame’:

It is also a new project, the latest online version “1.0” does not
OpenGL, but the OpenGL code is already completed by the author and is
available through his repository. He has said on his mailing list that
will be released any day now, for which I am waiting with much
anticipation :smiley:

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