Posting with Ecto

I’ve recently been doing most of my posting with Ecto 2.4.1 on my Mac.
I’m using the MovableType API and the latest SVN of Typo (just
updated two hours ago). I’ve noticed that posting this way does not
seem to invalidate the cache and therefore new posts do not show up
right away. If I post an article through the web admin, it shows up
on the front page immediately, as I would expect.

If I go to the web admin after posting from Ecto I can see the article
listed and it shows as published. I can even view the single article
by clicking the link in the article list. However doing that still
doesn’t make the article appear on the front page. If I go back to
the web admin and manually purge the cache, the article appears as
expected. I’ve only been posting with Ecto for the past week or so,
so I’m not sure if this used to work and has broken recently or if it
never worked. Is anyone else seeing this behavior? Should I submit a
bug report?

I haven’t looked into the fragment caching mechanism yet, so I’m not
sure how simple this will be to fix “correctly.” Certainly just
purging the whole cache will work, but that’s probably not the ideal

Jason Burks