Posting to RForum via Email


I am having problems in setting up my RForum to post messages via email.

I have read Linking a Forum to a Mailing List and it helped a lot. I can
post messages in RForum and it will auto-mail it to my mailing list
(googlegroups). The problem I have right now is how can I post messages
from my email to RForum.

This is what I have done so far

  1. updated list_address of forums table, list_address =
    [email protected]
  2. updated site.rb:
    :deliver_mail => true,
    :bounce_address => ‘[email protected]’, where [email protected]
    is member of [email protected]
  3. Run: ruby scipt/process_mail Maildir 1, where Maildir is the location
    of emails in my domain

When I run the process_mail, it goes thru the inbox, sent and thrash
items but it puts 'Skipping File … ’ error.

am i on the right track? i tried different configurations but to no
avail. sorry but i am quite new to this and any help will be greatly