Posting after x-accel-redirect

I am trying to address the following use case :

  • A ‘post request’ is send to Nginx which forward it to a first
    upstream server “upstream 1”. “upstream 1” is in charge of
    authenticating the request origin, and do some accounting in order to
    determine if the request can be authorized …
  • If OK, we would like to terminate processing the request at “upstream

What we have briefly tried :

  • internal redirect ( using x-accel-redirect) to “upstream 2”
  • how could we possibly “post” to this second “upstream 2” ?

Thank you for your help

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use something like below to always have a GET request to your
authentication upstream. then let the authentication upstream return an
x-accell-redirect header. now if the original request was a post, it
will still be a post after the call to the auth upstream. so you could
do whatever you want with the authenticated request e.g. send it to
another upstream

cheers, bernd

# internal used for authentication
location ^~ "/authenticate" {
    proxy_pass http://yourauthbackend;
    proxy_intercept_errors on;
    proxy_method GET;
    proxy_pass_request_body off;
    proxy_set_header  Content-Length  '0';
    rewrite /authenticate(.*) $1;

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However in the case we are chasing, /authenticate needs the body of the
request as it has to verify a digital signature calculated on it.

Thank you for your insight anyway.

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