PostgreSQL function in an insert statement


Hi there,

I wont insert a picture in a PostgrSQL-DB via the function lo_import.
Therfore I modify the value of an ‘oid’ column.

@measurepoint =[:measurepoint])
@measurepoint.measurepoint_background =

The result is an error like this:

PGError: ERROR: invalid input syntax for type oid:

because the function is quotet in the values of the insert statement.

^ ^

These quotes are responsible for a wrong interpretation from the
because a function in quotes is not a function, its a string.

Is it possible to give the modified insert statement without quotes to
insert statement.

Thank you for a solution and please apologize my bad english.

Torsten Senf


I use extension for PostgreSQLAdapter to deal with PG large objects:

And this to deal with functions and stored proc: