PostgreSQL 8.3 not storing 'Date' field type with Rails 3.0

Hi there,

I’ve searched far and wide for an answer to this. I am using Rails 3.0.0
with Postgresql8.3 and ActiveRecord. Almost everything works fine - I
have the normal timestamps, which store correctly, and a field called
‘time’ which is of the type ‘time’ and this works too.

However, I also have a ‘date’ field, of type ‘date’, which never stores
any data. The data is being posted correctly through the form, but it
never ends up in PostgreSQL, and no error messages to help.

Can anyone think of what might be going on? I’m at my wits end.



attr_accessible does not include the column maybe ?
Could you post the code how you fill the column in the model via irb,
the results of that and sql statement that gests executed ?

Robert Pankowecki