Postgres and Tsearch2, how do you do it?

How do you use Tsearch2 in Rails?


i had a classifieds table with 2 columns (title and description) that i
wanted to include in my search. Here is how i created it

alter table classifieds add column search_idx tsvector ;
update classifieds set
|| ’ ’ || coalesce(description,’’)) ;
create index classifieds_search_idx on classifieds using
gist(search_idx) ;
vacuum full analyze ;
create trigger tsvectorupdate BEFORE UPDATE OR INSERT on classifieds for
each row execute procedure tsearch2(search_idx,title,description) ;

then in my model did this passing in search terms as a parameter

def self.fs_search(q)
ts_query = q.gsub(/[\s+]/,’&’)
self.find_by_sql([“select * from classifieds where search_idx @@

good luck.


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