Possible to set "PRAGMA default_synchronous=OFF" for my sqlite connection via AR?

Hey All,

I’m using ActiveRecord w/the sqlite3 adapter and finding it slow for
my use. After reading _whytheluckystiff’s
http://whytheluckystiff.net/articles/aQuickGuideToSQLite.html I
wondered if it’s possible to configure the default_synchronous option
on an ActiveRecord connection. Does anyone know if this is possible?

I tried

:adapter => “sqlite3”,
:database => STORE + “test.db”,
:options => “PRAGMA default_synchronous=OFF”


:adapter => “sqlite3”,
:database => STORE + “test.db”,
:default_synchronous => “OFF”

and didn’t get any errors, but I’m not seeing any speed increase
either (also, it looks like I can pass any gobbledygook in as :options
and not get any errors). So I’m hoping I’m doing it wrong and someone
here can tell me how to do it right.

Many thanks!


If nothing else, it appears that you can do:

c = ::ActiveRecord::Base.connection
c.execute(“PRAGMA default_synchronous=OFF”)

I’m not sure if there’s a way to pass this as an option to

Doing this gives me a a bit of a speed boost (that’s perceived–I’m
not actually measuring or anything) but not the rip-roaring one I was
hoping for… :frowning: