Possible project for the interested

I’ve been thinking about migrations and about importing blog
data. Part of the problem we have with our current converter scripts
is that they fall out of date and are hard to keep current with our
database schema. Then it occurred to me that we’re already doing work
to keep the database schema up to date with our migrations. So, in
order to play nicely, a particular converter script needs target a
particular schema version. That way, one could start with an empty
database and the data from your old blog and do

$ rake migrate VERSION=./db/converters/wordpress.rb --schema_version
$ ./db/converters/wordpress.rb --db wordpress
$ rake migrate

Assuming we get all our converters working this way, it shouldn’t be
too hard to write a rake task so that could become:

$ rake import FORMAT=wordpress ARGS=’–db wordpress’

Also, it would be helpful if we could redo the converters in, for want
of a better description, ‘migration style’ using BareMigration type

If anyone’s casting around for Summer of Code ideas, Scott’s prepared
to supervise, this looks like it might well fit the bill.

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