Possible file upload bug in integration test

I created an integrations test that attempted to uploade a file as

def uploaded_file(path, content_type=“application/octet-stream”,
filename ||= File.basename(path)
t = Tempfile.new(filename)
FileUtils.copy_file(path, t.path)
(class << t; self; end;).class_eval do
alias local_path path
define_method(:original_filename) { filename }
define_method(:content_type) { content_type }
return t

a JPEG helper

def uploaded_jpeg(path, filename=nil)
uploaded_file(path, ‘image/jpeg’, filename)

def test_this
file = uploaded_jpeg("/tmp/foo.jpg")

post “/images/post”, :file => file


When i did this, each time the post was done, the ‘file’ parameter was
stringified instead of passing in the actual file. This works fine in
the functional test equivalent.

I would post this on dev.rubyonrails.com, but that appears to be down.


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