[Possible bug] Page cache not cleared when deleting page

Is anyone else seeing this on radiant 0.6.7?

If you delete a page and then view the page it still renders.

Not until you go edit and save another page, does the deleted page get

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create page “test”
  2. view page “test” on site
  3. delete page “test”
  4. view page “test” on site (still there)
  5. clear browser cache, start new browser, etc
  6. view page “test” on site (still there)
  7. edit and save another page on your site
  8. view page “test” on site (should get File Not Found or 404 error)

Wanted to get validation from others before submitting it as a bug.



Yes, please file this on Trac as a bug.