Possible bug in CGI::HtmlExtension::popup_menu?

Hi all,
I’m trying to use popup_menu to generate a select box that remembers
what option it had selected when the page was generated. The relevant
lines of code are

dura_list = cgi.popup_menu(“dura”,
[“300”, “Five minutes”, (timespan == 300)],
[“600”, “Ten minutes”, (timespan == 600)],
[“900”, “Fifteen minutes”, (timespan == 900)])

where timespan has already been set to either the integer value of the
parameter “dura” or to a default value of 300.

According to the documentation as I understand it, this should generate

minutesTen minutesFifteen minutes

but instead it generates


Looking through the source for popup_menu on
http://ruby-doc.org/stdlib/libdoc/cgi/rdoc/index.html, I found

      if value.kind_of?(String)
        option({ "VALUE" => value }){ value }
        if value[value.size - 1] == true
          option({ "VALUE" => value[0], "SELECTED" => true }){
            value[value.size - 2]
          option({ "VALUE" => value[0] }){
            value[value.size - 1]

which I think is causing this. Since value[value.size - 1] is false,
the last else clause is getting triggered and using that as the option
text. I wasn’t able to find any other reports of this to see if there’s
a workaround or fix yet.

Just as a note, there seems to be a similar issue with explicit “false”
in checkbox_group. Are these really bugs, or am I just misunderstanding
how these methods are meant to be used, or what?