Possible alsa error?


I am using an 8 channel USB sound card as an audio source and the first
test I do is to ensure that the audio signals can be seen in the
QT scope block screen shot. This works perfectly when the PC is first
started, however when I stop the flow graph and then start it again I
an alsa error message.

When the flow graph is working correctly I get the following message:

<<< Welcome to GNU Radio Companion 3.7.5git-0-g2bb2b314 >>>
Preferences file: /home/drdc/.grc
Block paths:
Loading: “/home/drdc/Documents/8 ip switch test.grc”

Showing: “/home/drdc/Documents/8 ip switch test.grc”
Generating: “/home/drdc/Documents/InputSwitchTest.py”
Generating: “/home/drdc/Documents/InputSwitchTest.py”
Executing: “/home/drdc/Documents/InputSwitchTest.py”
Using Volk machine: avx_32_mmx


After the flowgraph is restarted I get the error message that can be
in the attached screen shot.

Some background:
To get the USB sound card to work at all I have