Portable Ruby distribution for Mac or Linux?

Hi there,

This might sound a dumb question. I want to embed Ruby with the
application. I could do it on Windows (copy ruby folder out from
One-click installer). No matter where the application is installed, can
start the app with: vendor\ruby\bin\ruby app.rb

Is that possible for Mac or Linux? It seems, after configure make make
install, whole distribution depends on configured prefix location, such
as /usr/local. (after moving to another directory, I could only start
ruby interpreter OK, not irb, rubygems…)


Shoes does this. http://shoesrb.com/

It’s a complicated, hard problem, though. I’m actually sort of starting
work on a more generic solution, I have a github repo set up but not a
actually done yet. I plan on extracting the stuff out of Shoes and
making it
a bit more generally applicable.