Port scanning in ruby

I was trying to write a simple UDP method to test for snmp, and build
from there, and I came across a reference to three articles that
looked like they’d help


Unfortunately, the website listed, beer-monkey, is now some stupid add
site. Anyone know where these ended up?


Duhh, forgot to include the article names :slight_smile:
They were by Craig W.:
Absolute basics: Connecting to ports
Concurrent socket programming
A more advanced port checker

Go to the rubyinside site and copy the link.

Google the wayback machine, and have it search for the link.

For the first one I found this: http://is.gd/mMEW



On Mar 10, 2009, at 5:03 PM, Kyle S. wrote:

looked like they’d help

Charles J.
Advanced Computing Center for Research and Education
Vanderbilt University
[email protected]
Office: 615-343-2776
Cell: 615-478-8799

Sorry. I knew about the wayback machine, I was kindof hoping the
author had a new blog with all the old articles moved over.
Ahh well, guess I’ll just use wbm.


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