Hi everyona, I need you all…
Im having some trouble with popup. I have a form that has a link that opens a popup so that the user can make a search, then the result should be loaded in the form; to do so I need to pass some variables in the popup link, but if I do so, the popup doesnt work.

So what I have is this:
<%= link_to ‘Buscar Relacionadora’, ‘…/…/secretarias/search’,
:popup => [‘Buscar Secretaria’,

and what I need is something closer to this:
<%= link_to ‘Buscar Relacionadora’, :contoller=> ‘secretarias’,
:action=> ‘search’,:trabajador_id => @t.id,
:popup => [‘Buscar Secretaria’,

Any posible solution?
I wish I don’t need javascript…

Try posting your question on refwell.com. You might get your answer

I feel javascript will be the way to do it…
i also have a similar problem and i have used a javascript popup, after
that form is submitted i need to update a DOM element in my main
window…but have been unable to do so…

did u find any answers to ur problem. If yes, please share them with me.

Thanks in advance.