Populating long data column with Ruby OCI8

Hi, friends

I am back to the list after a while. And I start the reunion with a
question ;-).

Is there any way to insert a big chunk of data (say, 100K) into a column
of type long with Ruby OCI8 or by any other Ruby means? I saw that to do
it in C you must be prepared to handle OCI error code inviting you to
insert another piece. But how to do it in Ruby, especially with OCI8? If
I do

require ‘oci8’

db = OCI8.new ‘system’, ‘manager’
db.exec(“create table sample (id number, data long)”)

data = ‘A’ * 1024 * 100

c = db.parse(‘insert into sample values (2, :data)’)
c.bind_param(’:data’, data)


What I end up with in column ‘data’ is host dependent (or db block size
dependent?). I observed 14464 bytes on 2K database on Solaris, and 34652
bytes on 8K database on Linux.

Thank you,
Gennady B…

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