Populate a popup menu based on another menu selection

I’m just getting started with RoR and need some help with setting up the
following scenario.

I have three models:- Jobs, Clients and Contacts

A job has one Client which, in turn, has many contacts.

When I’m creating a new job I would like a popup menu so the user can
choose the client.
Having done this, I would then like another popup menu to only show the
for the client selected.

I have the first popup done using:-

<%= select(“client”,“client_id”, Client.find(:all).collect {|c| [c.name,
c.id]}) %>

I’m stuck on how I would populate the contacts menu based on the client

Any help would be much appreciated!



Can anyone help me this?

Have you heard of observe_field?


On Nov 28, 10:28 am, Paul F. [email protected]