Poor load balancer performance on rackspace and centos

I am load testing different options for load balancing, and am getting
poor results from Nginx, haproxy, and varnish. I have one 4GB instance
at Rackspace, hitting 4x1GB app servers.

I’m hitting a url called “/slow” which deliberately waits 500ms before
responding. If I hit an application server directly it can handle a
connection rate of 1600-1800 per second.

If I hit the Nginx load balancer, it can only handle about 2000
connections. I was hoping for something closer to 4x1600 = 6000. Below
is the command I’m using to test it. This is run in parallel on 40 256
MB instances. I’m deliberately setting num_call to 1, because I want to
see connection performance. Any higher than this and I start to get a
lot of errors.

httperf --server --port 1555 --uri /slow --rate 50

–num-call 1 --num-conn 100 --timeout 5

Here is my nginx config: nginx config · GitHub

So, here’s the weird thing, no matter whether I use nginx, haproxy, or
varnish, I get roughly the same results. However, I tested Rackspace’s
new cloud balancers, and they get much better performance (doing fine at
7000/s). Since nginx and the others are all running on an instance I set
up, and the rackspace balancer isn’t, I’m guessing there’s something
about the system that is wrong. I’d rather use a balancer I control, so
I can add caching, gzip, ssl, and other stuff to it.

How can I find out what the bottleneck is? Is there anything I should
tweak on the system to get performance to be better? Do I need more than
4GB of ram? (Ram usage is not high during the test). Any other random

Thank you for your help!

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Hi Sean,

I work at Rackspace and would be happy to connect you with one of our
techs about this. Email me at mw at rackspace dot com and I’ll set up a
call for you.

Matt Wilbanks

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