Polyphase clock sync ccf symbols needed?

Hi list,

I want to calculate the number of symbols taken by my Polyphase clock
ccf block
after which it locks. Although I am getting 0 BER (except at
start) but I want to know after how many symbols loop get lock. And then
varying different parameters I want to observe the lock time/symbols
needed. From which plot I can get this information and how? . Current
parameters set are:

Sample/symbpol= 4
Loop BW= pi/100
damp factor= 0.707
filter size = 32
output sps = 1
max rate dev = 1.5

Phase plot is showing some sinusoidal output. Attached are the two phase
plots. phase2.jpg is zoomed in version of phase1.jpg.

Thanks ahead of time.

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On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 3:26 AM, Sam mite [email protected] wrote:

Loop BW= pi/100

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Yes, the phase output port of the sync block is the one you want to
look at. The phase rounded to the nearest integer (unless it’s the
floor) is the number of the filterbank being used at that time, which
represents the phase offset of the signal.

Are you tracking a real signal being received or a simulated signal?
You’re going to see some movement, plus or minus, around the closest
phase, though. If its a real signal being received, there’s going to
be some small jitter in the timing between the two radios that the
algorithm is trying to track. Also noise will affect if somewhat as it
tries to keep a lock. The fact that it looks like it’s actually
oscillating is interesting. Have you tried to reduce the loop
bandwidth to see how that affects things?