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Congratulations guys, you’ve hit the big time:



Philip B. wrote:

Congratulations guys, you’ve hit the big time:

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A serious, dedicated engineering forum on the same list as WikiLeaks and
Tor? Rob
Malda, what are you doing. Maybe attempting to add some humor, but I
don’t think
it’s helpful. The next thing you know, other pubs will carry something
about it,
with GNU radio “running in the top 5”.

I would make a serious point that it could be wise to disassociate from
using GNU radio for questionable purposes. Path Intelligence may be one
Toby Oliver may be doing everything by the book, and I don’t doubt his
concept is
unique and potentially lucrative. But my 2 cents to GNU powers-that-be
is not to
endorse or take contributions – code, money, or otherwise – from
entities that are
likely to run into privacy or security related litigation. Those are
hot potatoes
that don’t need to be touched.