Polite plugin migrations

i just recently released a rails plugin. the old pre-agile-fan me
would have not done that because it would have seemed too early and
then everyone might not think i was a brilliant programmer when they
saw how simple my project was. now i see that i’m just an average
programmer so i’m starting to just release when something useful is
working ( http://crookedhideout.com/software ). this actually has
helped the stability and usefulness of the code i write. however …

this plugin generates a migration. it needs one table for it’s fun.
now that i’m getting ready to release 0.2.0 (a few days later, i had
the whole weekend off so i’m being productive atm ) i know that i’m
going to need to add a column to that table. damn it. what should i

there is a small chance that there is someone out there actually using
it. so what i really need to do is generate another migration every
time i change the table somehow in any future releases. it’s probably
going to annoy a lot of people to see their db/migrate folder littered
it this way.

what’s the polite thing to do?

i’m thinking i have to just keep adding the migrations. the really is
no other way.

Sorry for the late reply, but just thought I’d through in my approval
this method. I’d rather see a ton of migrations, but be able to see the

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