Point me in the right direction

Hello Ruby community!
Let me start by saying, that this doesnâ??t really count as a technical
question, but please humor me.
The thing is, I came across this translated help file for a program
called â??RPG maker XPâ? and in no time at all I was lost in this
all-to-vague document. (Lost in a good way mind you!)

Soon after I downloaded the â??RPG maker XPâ? program its self . . . It
was a let down, but inside it I found it was created through Ruby. For
days I played with variables through the Script editor, until I found
there was little more I could do with it. (Due to lack of translation.)
After playing with random variables, and classes; I found that the lack
of information in the file, and untranslated explanations inside the
program itself kept me from doing anything besides running tiny lines of
script outside the actual shell.

Honestly though I felt I had been bitten, I started dreaming about
scripting . . . Obsessing over Ruby, really. So It would go without
saying that, I downloaded Ruby itself. Unfortunately though, my
knowledge of scripting runs no deeper then making, my old TRS 80 play
music through electrical beeps and an old technical manual called
â??Commodore 64: Coding for Childrenâ? in which I was thought how to create
a simple game, inside of the commodore 64’s language. (A type of Visual
Basic, I think)

So after this all to long-winded explanation, I sit here with no real
knowledge of Ruby (Or any other form of scripting for that matter.) And
I say â??Iâ??m in dire need of beginner level tutorials on Ruby.â? I can say
that what I am shown I pick up quickly, but Iâ??m not sure where to start,
and am looking for a bit of direction. I love playing with ruby and even
if it is only a hobby I am truly obsessed.

Any feedback on where to start, or perhaps some tutorials, would be much
Thanks in advance,

P.S. I have looked for tutorials, but am also curious to know where
others started there journeys in Ruby.

Chris Also Chris? wrote:

Any feedback on where to start, or perhaps some tutorials, would be much

Start here:



Ah, the first link. Like a dream come true!
Thank you kindly Dave!

Still any other, Site, or document, that others found usefull would
still be very apricated.

(Sorry about the grammer, I’m damn sleepy.)

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