POG -- Password Operations Gem initial release

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POG – Password Operations Gem version 0.2 (Public beta) is now released
on RubyForge.

Site: http://pog.rubyforge.org
RDocs: http://pog.rubyforge.org/doc
Tracker: http://pog.rubyforge.org/tracker
License: http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
SVN: svn://rubyforge.org/var/svn/pog

POG is a Ruby gem for simplifying random password generation, password
strength testing, password hashing and salting, and password-hash

This is my first public gem, so any and all suggestions and comments
would be greatly appreciated.

Quick Overview

Class Password encapsulates a password and provides functionality for
hashing, hash-based authentication, and random password generation.

Class Salt encapsulates a password’s salt and provides functionality for
password salting and random salt generation.

Class PasswordTests provides functionality for testing strength of

Module CharacterRanges provides preset ranges for sets of ASCII
characters for random password generation. CharacterRanges is mixed into
the Password class.

Feature Requests/Bug Submissions

Please submit feature requests and bug requests

(a) directly to me
(b) to RubyForge Tracker: http://pog.rubyforge.org/tracker
© to Ruby-Talk forum/list

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