Pmt and dictionary blowing out memory

Hi All,

I’m using some blocks that I created using pmt dictionaries. Each of
blocks can run in an infinite loop, so that it is what I am testing.

I connect 2 blocks and I left them running for 10 minutes, what I found
that the memory consumption (looking at using -top) is increasing every
time the work function is called. Does it mean that dictionaries are not
reused memory when the work function is called?. Because if that is the
case, it will explain why the memory consumption increases.

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On Thu, Nov 22, 2012 at 6:33 PM, Jose T. Diaz
[email protected] wrote:

Thanks for your help,



PMT dictionaries are static structures and cannot be changed (as are
[mostly] all PMTs). When you add an item to a dictionary, you are
actually creating a new dictionary PMT object, not changing the
existing one.

So yes, if you’re not handling things properly, you could be
continuously increasing memory usage.


Hi Tom,

Thanks for your answer, is there any way to control the memory usage for
those elements?. For example, in stream to blob example it is used _mgr
to reuse memory, can I do something similar for dictionaries?


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