Ply 0.9.1 Released

ply version 0.9.1 has been released!

Ply is a ruby gem for reading Stanford PLY-format 3D model files.

The PLY file format is a flexible format for storing semi-structured
binary data, and is often used to stored polygonalized 3D models
generated with range scanning hardware. You can find some examples of
the format at the Stanford 3D Scanning Repository.

Ply provides a simple API for quick access to the data in a PLY file
(including examining the structure of a particular file’s content), and
an almost-as-simple event-driven API which can be used to process
extremely large ply files in a streaming fashion, without needing to
keep the full dataset represented in the file in memory. Ply handles
all three types of PLY files (ascii, binary-big-endian and

If you don’t have any Stanford PLY files on hand, you probably don’t
need this gem, but if you’re curious, the PLY file format is described
at Wikipedia[2].

[1] The Stanford 3D Scanning Repository

[2] PLY (file format) - Wikipedia


0.9.1 / 2013-03-30

  • Documentation improvements