Hi, I’m new to Ruby and Rails, and I’m running Ruby 1.8.4 with Rails 1.0
on Ubuntu 5.10 (breezy).

I wanted to have a model Software, with the table as software (since
‘software’ is the plural too). I appreciate one can simply use something
like use_table or whatever (can’t remember the exact command) in the
Model file, but I’d much rather change the inflections.rb file and
update Rails to use the proper pluralization.

I found an inflections.rb file in: (not sure if there’s another
inflections file somewhere else which I should edit)


and I changed the line:
inflect.uncountable %w( equipment information rice money species series
fish sheep)

inflect.uncountable %w( equipment information rice money species series
fish sheep software)

and nothing happened (I tried <%= “Software”.pluralize %> in a Rails
app) so I restarted apache2, and still nothing happened.

I restarted my computer (just in case I had to restart something which I
didn’t know about), and still comes up as ‘software’.

So…is there anything I need to do to get Rails to use the updated
file, or am I editing the wrong file?

I found out from a helpful guy on the rails IRC.

In case someone else read this and also wondered how, you have to edit
the environment.rb file. This doesn’t update Rails, so it’s app
specific, not quite what I wanted but good enough.

Instead of updating Rails source files, I’d make this change in your
application’s environment. In your environment.rb file, add the

Inflector.inflections do |inflect|
inflect.uncountable ‘software’

That will do what you need, and won’t require you to mess with Rails
whenever you update Rails or move your app to a different server.


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