Plugins not loading in production environment

I’m moving this query out from my earlier post. This is all I can
assume that is happening here. When I run my site in production, any
methods that call plugin functionality is failing. If I have methods
in my models that call a plugin, running script/server -e production
fails to launch with an error of `method_missing’: undefined method.
If I comment out all that code to at least get the server running,
when I subsequently browse to a page which calls any plugin methods
(I’m using the calendar_helper plugin, for instance), this causes the
page to generate a 500 error.

Can anyone suggest any reason why plugins would not be loading? I know
that they’re there as they’re all sat in the vendor directory. This
has me absolutely stumped and like I said before is literally only
occurring in production mode on my remote server. Running the site in
development works fine.

Many thanks in advance,


I think I may have this figured out…

Any tips on what the issue was?

I have the same problem.

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